amputee woman discussing with three other business professionals in a trendy conference room

Why Do We Get Up in the Morning?

Motivation matters when addressing high-impact philanthropic needs across the globe

At Mission Mutual, we connect people. We connect people in organizations to individuals in likeminded organizations. We connect problem solvers with those bearing the weight of an issue or injustice. We connect those in need of resources with those who can provide apt and meaningful solutions.

We believe God has called us to coordinate and foster relational unity between organizations of similar vision. Ecclesiastes 4:12—one of our guiding Scriptures—emphasizes that a cord of three strands is not easily broken. The level of impact that awaits when the right people in the right place doing the right things have been tied to the right resources is simply astounding.

The least of these are served.
The weak are helped.
The marginalized are remembered and welcomed in.

As a backbone organization moving within the missiologic and philanthropic niche, we often see organizations unsure of how best to utilize the resources they have or what they can do to level up their field work. At Mission Mutual, we are called to step in and strengthen partnerships through elevated connection, communication, and collaboration. We build the framework for collective impact strategies to empower individuals within organizations as well as partnerships, thus accelerating the collective mission.

Our drive and purpose are less associated with the checklist in front of us but rather more connected to the long-term impact of the who and how we serve. Each of us at Mission Mutual is driven by a calling to learn, listen, and help those we serve. We aim to deliver both sustainable and effective outcomes in the modern environment of missiology and philanthropy. We believe that our success is directly tied to the success of those we serve. By reducing the complexities and expediting timelines associated with addressing injustices, in turn, we’re able to serve our partners well by enabling them to better serve their target populations.

When organizations shift away from merely reacting to external forces to actively and systematically seeking next steps, we know we’re are on the right track—and our partners are too.