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Collective Impact Made Possible

Working with Mission Mutual is a journey toward maximizing returns while growing high-ROI relationships. 

When assessing prospective partnerships, our team members begin with one specific question in mind:

“Is this problem bigger than any one organization can solve and any one investor can fund?”

This query serves as our touchstone at Mission Mutual. Leading with collective impact means drawing clear, straight lines from partnerships working in tandem to the collective achievement of a complex goal, success of a huge cause, or alleviation of a grave injustice.

We thrive on shared enthusiasm. Our desire is that each partner who chooses to pursue collective impact is all-in on reducing redundancy and elevating efficiency in their pursuit of the greater good in their chosen field. Whether your organization represents implementation or resourcing, we can help equip a collective approach to streamline the work being done—and the work that is yet to be done.

Regardless of your mission or ministry focus, Mission Mutual works diligently to fully understand the needs of your team as well as those of your target population. We dive into the details with you, learning from you and maintaining open lines of communication through whichever channel best fits your preferences. (Zoom? Text? Email? We do it all!)

Once it’s established that Mission Mutual is a great fit to equip a collective approach to the mission, we craft a strategic proposal addressing opportunities for growth as well as tactical moves toward your cause. We work alongside you as we assemble a mission-driven alliance of like-minded organizations. Our portfolio of services is tailored to serve from conception to maturation of collective impact.

Whether you are looking for assistance in building out your field work or need a little bit—or a lot—of help with development and fundraising, Mission Mutual is there to facilitate the needed elements. We aim to supercharge your organization’s productivity as well as optimizing your relationships with your alliance partners, ultimately leading to a boost in morale, reduction of redundancy, and acceleration toward your common vision. By creating healthy and robust internal and partnership environments and multiplying opportunities for collaboration, each partner organization realizes positive returns and thus an impact on their target population.

Investing in strategic processes, partnership building, and removal in duplicated efforts leads to wins across the board. Internally, as a result, organizations experience less friction and frustration. Relationally, alliance organizations boost one another and share knowledge. Most importantly, your cause wins when the right resources and methods are applied strategically!