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Strength in Numbers

Backbone organizations exist to provide centralized support and coordination to groups moving from acting alone to acting in concert with one another. Committed backbone staff strategize with participants to increase the health and effectiveness of each organization, providing insight into the organizational development and relational perspective needed to align vision, mission, approach, and resources.

As a backbone organization uniquely positioned in the missional space, Mission Mutual exists to support the weaving together of likeminded organizations and position them for greater impact. Since no single organization or program can solve the most complex problems facing humanity by themselves, we help intra-sector groups prioritize a common agenda, identify shared goals, and direct resources toward their specific greater goal.

Mission Mutual exists to support the weaving together of likeminded organizations and position them for greater impact.

We draw our inspiration for relational unity from the concept of a triple-strand cord found in Ecclesiastes 4:12. While one strand may hold something together, two strands increase the strength and capacity available, and three strands are even more formidable. Applying this metaphor in a concrete way, we provide the environments, tools, and knowledge necessary to foster operational-level collaboration between organizations looking to create collective impact through an alliance.

Mission Mutual is guided not only by the idea that we are better when we work together, but that there are key principles that enhance our products and add value to our relationships. We are fully committed to serving each individual in every organization with humility, integrity, accountability, and collaboration. Our manner of engagement includes: hearts actively dependent upon God’s leading a genuine mindset of servanthood and caring for others as we would our teammates and our families. We intend to be learners, listening well and offering beneficial input for the target population as well as the team engaging with them.

What does Mission Mutual’s existence mean for today’s missional endeavors? It means that organizations have access to individuals with decades of specialized experience in the nonprofit, missiologic, and philanthropic realms. Our team members have successfully driven positive results at the local, national, and international level. Be it through fundraising, action plans, or key resources coordination, we believe that our success is directly tied to the success of those we serve. Your mission is our mission—thus, Mission Mutual.